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New Hope Kids is a place for kids and parents to connect and learn about the love of Christ.  

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Research shows that the most powerful influence on children's faith is the conversation about faith that takes place at home, and we want to partner with you in your child's Christian education. Your family is important to our church, and New Hope Kids wants to support your role as a spiritual leader to your children.  Our ministry is built on the following pillars, and all of our activities will be aligned with them:

  • God loves our children, and so do we.

  • Jesus is our personal Lord and Savior.

  • The Holy Spirit lives in every Christ-follower.

  • The Bible is the Word of God.

  • We love our neighbors just as we love ourselves.

During our time together on Sunday mornings, we'll have object lessons, Bible teachings, memory verses, games, kids worship, and special activities with our awesome New Hope Kids teachers!  We use songs from artists such as Yancy, Jumpstart3, and Shout Praise Kids to help us memorize scripture and remember God's love for us.

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