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Renovation Tools

There is always work going on at New Hope, and we rely on volunteers to get most of it done. While there is some work that requires specialized skills, there is always something work going on for any skill level. To join a project, click on the project title to sign up and receive more information.

If you have an idea for a project that is not currently on the list, click here so that we can add it.

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Cafe Interior_edited.jpg

Refreshments Area

New Hope is refinishing the refreshments area to make it a more useable space that allows for greater fellowship during the week and on Sunday mornings.

Outdoor Drainage

Looking to improve the drainage around the warehouse  into the pond. Landscaping/grading experience is helpful in planning the project, but there is no experience necessary to execute the project.


HVAC Installation

We are installing HVAC to the youth room, children's classrooms, and the back office. HVAC knowledge and experience is helpful for this project

Paint Cans_edited.jpg

General Painting

New Hope has various painting projects around the building. No experience needed.

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