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Week Two

make aprayer chain


  • Paper in colors of your choosing (red, green, and white would make a great Christmas chain)

  • Ruler

  • Scissors or rotary cutting tool

  • Glue stick, tape, or stapler

  • Black marker


  • Use a ruler and a pair of scissors (or rotary cutting tool) to cut a series of long, rectangular strips that are 1” wide by 8.5” long

  • As a family, think of people you would like to pray for during this holiday season, such as friends, family, teachers, classmates, and/or people at church. 

  • Write the name of each person in the middle of each strip of paper using the marker. There should be one person written on each link of your chain.

  • To make your first link, tape, glue, or staple the far ends of one paper strip together into a ring. Try to match up the sides evenly. Tape and staples will make for a quick process, but glue will take much longer because it needs to dry. If you are using glue, hold the two ends of paper together until the glue dries. 

  • To make the chain, thread another strip of paper through the center of the first loop, and join the ends of this second strip together with tape, staples, etc. Repeat this process until you’ve finished your chain.

  • Place your chain on your Christmas tree, as a garland on your windowsill, hang it near your dinner table, or put it somewhere else that you will see it daily, as a reminder to pray for the people you care about.

Prayer Chain
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