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Week One

make your own advent wreath


  • 8-ft evergreen rope (can be real or artificial)

  • 16 inch diameter green foam ring

  • Three 10 inch white candles

  • One 10 inch red candle

  • Sharp knife or apple corer

  • Hot glue gun


  • Lay the foam ring on a protected surface to work on

  • With a sharp knife or apple corer, cut out four holes in the ring at equal distances apart to hold the four candles. The holes should be slightly smaller than the candle diameter.

  • Hot glue the candles into the holes, making sure they are perfectly vertical.

  • Wrap the evergreen rope along the foam ring, gluing it to the ring as you go. The rope should be plenty to cover the outer and inner circumference of the foam ring, with your goal being to cover the ring completely.

  • Set your wreath on a table. Remember to protect the surface of the table underneath the wreath from dripping wax.

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